Hey! My name is Sebastian Müller.
I'm a Software Architect from Hamm, Germany.

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How I built my Angular Hacker News PWA

I recently stumbled upon the HNPWA project from Addy Osmani. I really liked the idea to compare different framework/library solutions with a usable Progressive Web App and achieve the best performance possible. So I thought: let’s do this! It’ll be a nice little project. My project isn’t offically listed on the HNPWA site, but I created a PR to list it there - hopefully it gets merged soon :-)

Preloading Routes in Angular 2.1

A few days after the 2.0.0 release of Angular, the Angular team has already released the first beta version of Angular 2.1, which comes with a niftly little performance feature for the @angular/router that I want to show you today. Note that the API may change in the future. Preloading resources When loading resources in the browser, we have the option to tell the browser that it should preload certain assets that the user will eventually need when he triggers an action (e.